Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Top Search Engine Optimization Tips for Newbie

There are many who have a misconception that ranking a website is a magical process. You need to know the magical mantra to make your website popular among your audiences and rank it high on Google searches. But the fact is that search engines preside over by complex algorithms and it requires efforts and intelligence to convince them that you or your client’s business deserves to be on Rank 1.

If you are a beginner and wish to learn the steps to become an SEO strategist, then you must to these SEO tips that will help you optimize your complete website for search engines.

  • Choose One Main Topic for your Website: Make your website about one thing as it is important when people tell about your business message. It is also essential so that you can do keyword research. Your website can be about other stuff as well, but find out one main topic.
  • Include Keywords: Website title, domain name, tagline, description, blog categories, page titles and page content all will contain “one thing”.
  • Internal Page Linking: Although there are many content management systems available that automatically do internal linking of the website pages. But if your system has not done a linking task, then you have to do it yourself to most of the pages directly from your homepage and linking them with each other.
  • Use Permalink structures with keywords: Many people use ugly permalink structures that include page numbers to identify. It is not a good SEO strategy and even doesn’t look good. Always create URLs with text and use of appropriate keywords.
  • Use Keywords in images: Always use keywords related to your business in image title, description and alt attributes.
  • Check Page loading time: It should not be very high and get rid of non-essentials that slow down your website. This may include flash graphics, large images, music players and unnecessary plug-ins.
  • Linking to other websites: You can link your website to the other websites with relevant content by including a blogroll, resources page or link list on your website.
  • Update your website constantly: make sure that you constantly update your website. These websites are with dynamic content that you can change time and again to rank them well.

Apart from this, there are many more tactics that newbie can use to hone his SEO skills. It requires an understanding of Google algorithms and concepts applied to create an outstanding marketing strategy.

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